a) If the document must be translated to the Norwegian language, most of the times it is enough to send us an electronic version of that document (scan, smart phone picture, etc.). In that case we will send you the translation to your mail using services of the Post Office.
b) If you need a translation to a foreign language, in some cases you would need to attach it to a certified copy of the document. Otherwise we can just attach the translation to your scan.
Note! It is important that you check this with the institution, which requires the translation from you in advance.

Whether you need an apostille stamp or not; that question may be answered by the institution where you are applying the documents. For example, some foreign embassies do not issue apostille stamps. Additional information can be found here.

First of all, you would need to get an apostille stamp on the birth certificate at the Governor Office (Fylkesmannen). Then we will translate the certificate and the apostille. Staff at any given embassy may provide you with the information needed upon request.

You will need to file an application to NOKUT (Norwegian Competence Center for Foreign Education). Following documents must be translated upon application: secondary school certificate, university diploma, and diploma supplement (with the amount of hours on each subject), or documentation on additional higher education may be supplied. If you have work experience related to your specialization, you might need to translate your Employment History Record.

In case you are applying for admission to a Norwegian university, your education can be approved by the university that you will attend to. The set of documents is the same (see above), however, in addition you will need to provide documentation that certifies your knowledge of the English language. In order to read further about this, click here.

There are special conditions for medical specialists. In order to read further about this, click here.

You can get an approval of the translator’s signature at the Notary Public Office in Oslo and Bærum Courts without our presence. The Notary Public Office charges an official state fee, which is now 258 kroner per signature. We can ease this process for you by completing these stages with help of our staff at a reasonable price.