Translation agency “Tolk Info Service” offers interpretation and translation services at a reasonable price. Many years of experience have proven that it is possible to combine low prices and excellent quality of translations. Feel free to get in touch with our manager, using the contact form, and we can estimate the cost of your order within maximum two hours – independent of working hours or day of the week.

Written translations

Price estimation of written translations is measured in pages. One standard page (A-4 format) costs 520 NOK. This price is also the minimum price of an order. It is quite important to emphasize that any kind of order is being treated in a strictly individual manner. Our clients, who are in need of a translation on a relatively large scale, may expect a considerable discount. The price of a translation may also vary depending on difficulty degree, language pair or deadlines. We are always willing to be client oriented. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and we will work out a most suitable approach to your translation, depending on your needs.

Oral interpretations

When a price evaluation of an oral interpretation is conducted, there are several aspects you need to consider: type of business/industry, length, urgency. Our employees carry out oral interpretation via a telephone, on the spot or even through a video conference. Most often we do consecutive interpretations on the spot. However, we also work with qualified interpreters who specialize in synchronization. One hour of interpretation may cost from 350 to 700 per hour, depending on the aspects that are mentioned above.

Huge experience within translation branch has allowed us to organize an entire network of qualified interpreters of different specializations and language pairs. If you would need services of an interpreter, we will find a highly qualified employee in advance. For example, if you require interpretation during a business meeting, we would never send an interpreter who specializes within medicine. Therefore, it is very important that you contact us in advance.

Get in touch and we will find a suitable and professional interpreter for your needs!